1. ​UN food agency cuts rations to 2 million Afghans as funds dry up

2. Women in Afghanistan are fighting an unequal war

3. US military equipment left in Afghanistan now in militant hands: PM Kakar

4. Railway link between Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan game-changer for entire region: Amb Usmanov

5. Tajikistan Resumes Border Relations With Afghanistan In A Sign Of Thawing Tensions

6. Iranian Delegation to Visit Kabul to Discuss Detained Afghans in Iran

7. Iranian Media Warn About Rapid Growth Of Afghan Immigration

8. Pakistan Blames ‘Rushed’ US Troop Exit for Terror Resurgence

Middle East

9. Pakistan Expects $50 Billion Investment from Saudi Arabia, UAE Within 5 Years
10. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar firm to clear, tangible investments in Pakistan: PM
11. Saudi and Iran exchange ambassadors after rapprochement

12. At least 5 people killed as rainstorms, floods hit Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria

13. ​Iraq-Turkiye oil flows not expected to resume before October

14. Syria: Dozens killed in fighting between SDF and Arab tribesmen

15. United States and Yemen Sign Cultural Property Agreement, Extends Cooperation to Protect and Preserve Cultural Heritage


16. What we are witnessing in Africa is not an anti-colonial revolution

17. Sudan war crime trial of oil firm executives starts in Sweden

18. Militant Attacks Trigger Mass Exodus of Teachers in Northeastern Kenya

19. France reportedly in talks with Niger for possible withdrawal of its troops