1. Pakistan PM Claims TTP Has Training Camps in Afghanistan

2. UN Security Council Holds Meeting on Afghanistan

3. Islamic Emirate Leader Visits Nimroz Province

4. Pakistan greenlights plan to deport over 1 million Afghans

5. Taliban Pledge To ‘Neutralize’ Activities of Afghan-Based Pakistani Militants

6. Lavrov expects talks on Afghanistan’s problems

7. Faiq says representing Afghanistan in UNGA

8. Muttaqi Travels to Russia To Participate in Moscow Format Meeting

Middle East

9. Emergency supplies from China arrive in flood-hit Libya

10. Israel advances water-for-energy deal with Jordan, UAE

11. Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt lead $1.9tn hospitality and residential push

12. US-backed Kurdish forces impose curfew in eastern Syria after new clashes with rival Arab militia

13. Egypt to hold presidential vote in December as economic crisis worsens

14. Historic Iraq-Iran railway link ready in 18 months -Iraq transport adviser

15. Palestinian Authority welcomes first Saudi ambassador to Palestine


16. Weather tracker: South Africa hit by storms and unseasonably low temperatures

17. South Africa’s Operation Dudula vigilantes usher in new wave of xenophobia

18. France to withdraw ambassador, troops from Niger after coup: Macron

19. UN says cholera and dengue outbreaks have been reported in eastern Sudan as conflict grinds on