Comment-India’s Isolation on the Belt and Road Increases


India has not been persuasive in mustering support of countries against China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). India boycotted a major moot on the BRI in May held in Beijing where as many as 29 world leaders greatly appreciated the initiative.  India has gotten further isolated and the BRI has gained more momentum, after the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) decided to enshrine the thoughts of President Xi Jinping in the party’s constitution, of which BRI has become a grand strategy. This is a major accomplishment of the BRI within the CPC and Chinese Government.

Chinese policy over the BRI is even much cherished by regional States. India’s loneliness is more evident as it could not convince its major allies such as the United States and Japan against the BRI. India also remained unsuccessful in perusing its close neighbors against the BRI. Over populated South Asia faces joblessness. The region is not well connected and lacks a modern infrastructure. Regional integration among South Asian States is stained by India’s hegemonic designs. In this realm, China offers most lucrative economic and commercial package to address centuries-old economic worries of the regional States.

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