Comment-The Guam Threat


The US-North Korea ties are on perpetual perils. The two nations have, however, never developed into a full-scale fight. The twists and turns that exist have been governing their ties since the 1950s. North Korea also possesses nuclear arms and war heads. Some of its weapons are even – reportedly – more sophisticated than American weapons. There is no doubt that North Korea has the capability to strike the vital American interests in the Pacific. Question arises that if North Korea is so frustrated what still prevents it to attack the American vital interests in the Pacific?

The latest warning came from Pyongyang on 9 August saying that the Government is planning to attack with Hwasong-14 missiles the Island of Guam in the Western Pacific – an American possession – around 6400 km from Western Hawaii. With a population of 160,000, the island is 338 sq. km and a key to strong US military post to look after its interests in the Asia-Pacific particularly toward Japan, Korean Peninsula, the Philippines and Indo-China.

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