Comment – Transparency of CPEC projects


The CPEC projects are not promoting corruption in Pakistan. They are clean, spotless, full transparency, honesty, and sincerity. They are transparent as there exists zero tolerance for corruption in these projects. Both the government of Pakistan and China upheld their unwavering commitment to CPEC projects. They are genuine national projects between Pakistan and China and both governments ensure their implementation without any iota of doubt about their transparency. Any corruption is unthinkable and ridiculous. These projects are above of any kickbacks, bribes, commissions, omissions, or illegal awards accorded to anyone in any circumstances.

Any slip of tongue about the sanctity of these projects could lead to a divergent path and could upset ties between the two governments of Pakistan and China. We must maintain the dignity and self-worth of our all-time trusted commitments with China. We cannot afford a scandal, or even a joke about this. We must respect our national cause of building our country great on modern lines and never diverse or oppose our commitment made to our Chinese friends. At this time, amid our development in 70 years, we cannot be diverted to lose the entire plot of our progress.

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