Ø  Pakistan says it struck targets in Iran; U.S. hits Houthi sites in Yemen

Ø  Pakistan Retaliates With Strikes Inside Iran as Tensions Spill Over

Ø  US condemns Iran’s attack on Pakistan

Ø  Democracy and Geopolitics Are on the Ballot in 2024

Ø  The Houthis are again ‘specially designated global terrorists.’ Here’s what that means.

Ø  An inflection point for the Houthis

Ø  Trump wins Iowa — no surprises there. What happens next?

Ø  Houthi Attacks in the Red Sea: Issues for Congress

Ø  Will the US again veto the UNSC resolution on Gaza?

Ø  The Republic of South Africa institutes proceedings against the State of Israel and requests the Court to indicate provisional measures

Ø  Public sitting held on Friday 12 January 2024, at 10 a.m., at the Peace Palace, President Donoghue presiding, in the case concerning Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in the Gaza Strip (South Africa v. Israel)

Ø  Pakistan backs ICJ probe into ‘genocide’ in Gaza

Ø  War against Hamas in Gaza is act of self-defence, Israel tells world court

Ø  Security Council meets over widening Middle East crisis

Ø  Gaza health system collapsing, as UN agencies renew ceasefire call

Ø  UN coordinator for Gaza visits Egypt to ‘expedite all areas’ of aid

Ø  UN agency urges ‘all possible support’ for Sudanese civilians

Ø  Gaza crisis: Back two-State solution urges UN chief, ‘once and for all’

Ø  Ukraine: Civilian casualties spike following wave of Russian attacks

Ø  Prospects for Children in 2024: Cooperation in a Fragmented World

Ø  UN Assembly President outlines vision for 2024

Ø  Explainer: What is the Genocide Convention?


Ø  NATO to hold biggest drills since Cold War with 90,000 troops

Ø  Over 30 countries interested in approaching BRICS, integration has bright future — Lavrov

Ø  France denies Russian claim of mercenaries in Ukraine

Ø  Russia’s Lavrov rejects US proposal to resume nuclear arms talks

Ø  EU rearms Ukraine as calls mount for higher defence spending

Ø  Ukraine’s Zelenskyy urges Western allies to step up pressure on Russia

Ø  EU, US urge sustained support for Ukraine in war against Russia

Ø  Thousands of tractors block Berlin traffic over plans to end diesel subsidy

Ø  Russia dismisses Davos discussion on Ukrainian president’s peace plan

Ø  Europe’s Growth Engine Is Broken


Ø  SBP Weekly Data ReportØ  Pakistan, Dubai ink $3 billion pacts at Davos

Ø  Lenders extend just $5.9bn in first half

Ø  Pakistan receives $700 million IMF bailout tranche

Ø  Current account posts $397m surplus

Ø  Economic future fraught with uncertainty: WEF

Ø  Pakistan agrees with Riyadh, Doha to go for international arbitration on investments

Ø  Circular debt reaches Rs5.73tr

Ø  Oil prices ease on China demand worries, supply forecasts

Ø  Climate-conflict nexus

Ø  Bridging the gap: Dr Adil Najam urges a ‘desi’ approach to climate change

Ø  The 1.5-degree climate goal may be ‘deader than a doornail,’ and scientists are bitterly divided over it

Ø  Climate and AI