Ø  Pakistan rejects its ‘biased and arbitrary’ placement by US on religious freedom watch list

Ø  U.S. and China hold defense talks ahead of Taiwan election

Ø  Amid growing scrutiny of Qatar, U.S. renews military base agreement

Ø  The Israeli right undermines Biden’s Middle East agenda

Ø  Blinken Returns to Middle East as Tensions Grow With Israel

Ø  Blinken Calls for ‘Practical Pathway’ to a Palestinian State

Ø  Pakistan Finds a New Scapegoat

Ø  Russia’s War against Ukraine: European Union Responses and U.S.-EU Relations

Ø  Security Council strongly condemns Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping

Ø  ‘No end in sight’ to Ukraine war, UN political chief warns

Ø  General Assembly meets over Gaza veto by US in Security Council

Ø  Full text:

Ø  World Economic Situation and Prospects 2024

Ø  World Employment and Social Outlook—dgreports/—inst/documents/publication/wcms_908142.pdf


Ø  GSP+ helps double Pakistan exports to EU: envoy

Ø  NATO pledges billions of euros in military aid for Ukraine in 2024

Ø  As Europe Weathers Cold Snap, Fears of Russia Power Cutoff Fade

Ø  EU Red Sea Shipping Turmoil Leads to a Drop in European Goods Trade

Ø  Russia becomes Europe’s first economy despite ‘pressure from all sides,’ Putin says

Ø  Russia doubles down on fast, cheap, unguided bombs to attack Ukraine

Ø  Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria sign memorandum on combatting mine threat in Black Sea

Ø  Russia requests UN Security Council to convene on Friday over strikes on Yemen

Ø  US stops arms supplies to Ukraine — White House

Ø  Zelenskyy says Western hesitation on aid emboldens Putin


Ø  SBP Weekly Data ReportØ  Inflation and devaluation

Ø  Govt borrows record Rs4.2tr

Ø  IMF sees ‘tentative signs’ of Pakistan’s economic activity picking up

Ø  Govt set to pay $27.5b debt by Nov

Ø  Spending restraint a must for economic stability

Ø  Pakistan’s economy to reel under global challenges in 2024, says UN report

Ø  Pakistan receives 23 IMF bailouts in 75 years

Ø  Finance: Time to tread cautiously

Ø  Oil prices rise 2%

after US, Britain strikes in Yemen

Ø  GST to NST challenges

Ø  Essential health services

Ø  Sleep walking into a climate apocalypse

Ø  What to expect in new year

Ø  Integrating climate into education

Ø  Pakistan advances water resilience through tech