Fountainhead of Jihad: The Haqqani Nexus, 1973-2012. Vahid Brown and Don Rassler. London: Hurst and Company, 2013. Pp 320.


Vahid Brown is a specialist in the history of Islamist militancy and the author of Cracks in the Foundation: Leadership Schisms in Al-Qaida, 1989-2006. He is also a PhD student at Princeton University. The co-author, Don Rassler is an instructor in the Department of Social Sciences, and Director of the Harmony Research Programme at the Combating Terrorism Centre of the United States Military Academy at Westpoint.

Primarily, Part one of the book gives a detailed historical account of the origins of Haqqani Network and the various phases of its development, whereas part two of the book is an analytical exploration of the group’s value proposition to its local, regional and global partners.

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