How India Sees the World. Saran, Shyam. India: Juggernaut Books, 2017.


Shyam Saran’s book How India Sees the World attempts to explain the Indian foreign policy outlook, the sources of its foreign policy and how the ongoing rapid changes in the international political environment should be interpreted by the Indian leaders. Part memoir, part study of the Indian foreign policy, the author seeks to explain the Indian world view and how it has influenced its actions and stances abroad. The author comes with the wealth of experience as a career officer of the Indian foreign office for 40 years culminating as foreign secretary in 2006. He also served as key advisor to the former Indian Prime Minister, Manmoohan Singh, on nuclear and climate change issues till 2010.

The book is divided into three sections and an epilogue that cover 13 chapters. The text of the book is very engaging and the narration simple enough to be understood by ordinary readers as well. The arguments and the connectivity of chapters.

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