Issue Brief on “An Overview of the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party”


China is the great hope for the world. It is the largest populated country with huge intake of world’s Gross Domestic Product of over US$ 12.1 trillion or 15 percent of global GDP. China has made steady progress under the dynamic leadership of President Xi Jinping after the 18th CPC Congress was held in 2013.

For instance, during 2013-2017, China’s average contribution to world’s GDP increased to 30 percent.[1] Its per capita increased from 18,311 Yuan in 2013 to 23,821 Yuan in 2017.[2] Growth in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was recorded at 3.1 percent during 2013-2016.[3]  Technological and scientific advancement also furthered Chinese economy in the past five years in many directions.  After a small hiatus of slow growth in 2016-17, its growth rate is rebounding to 7 percent.[4]

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