Issue Brief on “IOJK & The New Domicile Law: Opening The Demographic Flood Gates”


In pursuance of its nefarious design to change the demography of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoJK) and turn the Muslim majority into a minority, on June 26, 2020 the Modi government issued domicile certificates to 25,000 people from across India including an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer and a senior bureaucrat from the state of Bihar.[1]

The move was made following the introduction of “Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization (adaptation of state laws) Order 2020” on March 31, 2020[2] through an executive order by the BJP government. The clauses related to domicile are explained under “Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Decentralization and Recruitment) Act” according to which any Indian national who has resided in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir for a period of 15 years will be eligible to enjoy all the benefits that were strictly reserved for the people of Jammu and Kashmir before the Indian government illegally annexed the state on August 5, 2019, including buying property in the state.

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