Issue Brief on “US Aid Appropriations to Pakistan – 2018”


In the past few years, the disbursement of US aid to Pakistan has remained an issue of immense debate in both Washington and Islamabad. Pakistan’s prominent role in the war on terror made it able to become a recipient of US aid and assistance since 2002. The aid not only included military and security related assistance, but also Economic Support Funds, International Narcotics Control, and Migration and Refugee Assistance.

Amidst the aid, Coalition Support Funds (CSF) remained most important, as well as most contested military aid reimbursements to Pakistan. Pakistan and US even came to blows with each other over the total amount of CSF disbursements that were made to Pakistan. Many a times CSF is confused with security assistance which is not the case. CSF is the reimbursement to Pakistan for its services in terms of logistics, or military or security related support provided to the US operations.

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