Issue Brief on “Weather Modification 2025: Time to Start the Countdown”


In 1996, US armed forces were presented with the striking research titled “Owning the Weather in 2025” under Project Air Force 2025. This research outlined the strategy to use weather modification not only as a force multiplier to accomplish military objectives in battlefield, but also to achieve capability of altering “global weather patterns by influencing their determining factors” in the next 30 years.[1]

At that time, this idea was just an extension of weather modification capability which US had already achieved. On October 13, 1947, US Navy in collaboration with Weather Bureau and General Electric seeded tropical storm named “The Cape Sable Hurricane” under Project Cirrus (February, 1947 – December, 1952). This first successful hurricane modification experiment caused damage of $ 3.2 billion.[2] Although, the basic technology was invented by American atmospheric scientist Dr. Bernard Vonnegut in November 1946, but early weather modification experiments by US can be traced back to 1924.[3]

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