Media and Foreign Policy Discourses: A Case of India-Pakistan Relations



The paper focuses on the emerging themes, and analysis trends and patterns of the foreign policy discourses in the print media between Pakistan and India, over a period ranging from April 2014 until May 2015. Each theme is an area of concern in the bilateral relations between Pakistan and India. These themes are covered from various newspapers, but the main focus is on regional media. The paper explores different dimensions of the similar issue framed differently in both countries and their implication on the foreign policy. Also an insight to the public opinion through online participation in public debate and sharing of content is quantified. It is noticed that Indian mindset is more communally charged and views Pakistan with a specific security lens. Whereas, Pakistani print media reflected a conciliatory policy, which was rejected by India. Recently, it has begun to counter Indian propaganda in the print media. The issue of Jammu and Kashmir ranks highest on public opinion in both countries, but with a different dimension of concern.

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