Message from Library Officer


I welcome you on behalf of the Library, the place where knowledge meets minds, the nucleus of research, a place for lifelong learning and discovery. Offering unencumbered access to the intellectual records, library aspires to provide high quality services to the Research community of ISSI. The environment inside the library is congenial and study oriented, our priorities include development of interactive learning spaces and expansion of physical facilities, progression in services, and development of collections vital for learning and research. Our ultimate goal is to create library services that are convenient and efficient for Research faculty and staff, enrich researchers learning experience and enable research, in traditional and ‘e’ forms. Our professional staff is competent and always there to provide timely response to your academic and research information needs. We want to help you meet your research and learning goals, and trust that the resources, facilities and services we provide will prove helpful to you. I urge you to visit and use ISSI library and hope that you will consider it your educational partner and source of quality learning. I also welcome the learned society of Islamabad who want to become a member of this library on subscription basis, to come and explore our library. I once again thank you all by liking/choosing the ISSI library.

Library Officer
Abid Hussain