Moazzam Husain, Putting Pakistan Right: Standpoints on the War on Terror, Energy, Transit Corridors & Economic Development (USA: Moazzam Husain, 2016), 217.


Putting Pakistan Right by Moazzam Husain is a set of deeply analysed articles which can help policy makers to draft the right policy options for Pakistan. Moazzam Husain, after graduating MBA from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), worked with foreign corporations and has also served the government in various advisory roles. He has also been on the visiting faculty of two business schools teaching strategy and marketing. Presently, he runs an energy company in Karachi.

As mentioned in the introduction part by the author, this book is nor an academic piece neither a journalistic perspective on socio-political events rather it is a combination of various opinion articles written by the author, published in Dawn from 2009 to 2015. The book is divided into five main parts discussing war on terror, the Middle East factor, regional connectivity and transit corridors, energy situations in Pakistan and the concerns in economic development of Pakistan. Each of these issues is further elaborated by the author in his opinion pieces that offers a deep insight into the fundamental issues that need to be overcome.

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