Nation Branding Endeavours of Azerbaijan: Reshaping National Image



Every nation possesses a certain nation brand image, with or without nation branding. A well thought-out nation branding campaign can, however, project a nation’s image and solicit its global recognition. Such an endeavour concurrently instils a greater sense of belonging, self-determination and ideals of public communication in the domestic audience. The value of nation branding for tapping the economic potential of a nation remains arguable. In this paper, an effort has been made to understand how a developing country like Azerbaijan is gaining international recognition through an apt utilisation of nation branding tools. Strategic, conceptual and practically relevant aspects are being analysed to ascertain the efficacy of nation branding techniques and their impact on national image building. With occasional reference to the international brands of the developed countries, this study is focused on the endeavours of Azerbaijan to market its name and build its own national brands.

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