Pakistan-China Relations: Developments in Economic and Security Areas in the 21st Century



Considering new trends in global politics, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan appreciates the peaceful rise of the Peoples Republic of China. The well-established Pak-China camaraderie entered the 21st century with the new hopes of exploring innovative economic opportunities. The paper examines this relationship based on the interest of both the countries to be vigilant of the emerging regional and global scenario and to come up with appropriate economic and security strategy to meet their common challenges. The prospects of Pak-China relations reveal its significant impact on the global politics in future. This article spotlights the adjustments and the new areas of cooperation, which China and Pakistan explored in their relations. Keeping in mind the belligerent neighbour of Pakistan i.e., India and China’s relationship with India and the US, from the perspective of neorealist school of thought this paper explores the nature of bilateral partnership in the anarchic order of the 21st century and two-pronged promising approach of Pakistan and China. It also seeks to understand whether coordination between the two countries to assure their economic prosperity and security in the 21st century will help in achieving their national interest or not.

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