Pakistan-US Relations: Reset After 2011



In 2011, relations between Pakistan and the United States took a nosedive following a series of events, including capture and release of CIA operative Raymond Davis, killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad, and American forces’ attack on the Pakistani check-post at Salala. The relationship witnessed a chill rarely observed during the decades of interaction between Pakistan and the United States. The face-off between the two countries led many officials, policymakers, analysts and commentators to view these relations with alarm, mixed with expressions of betrayal, mistrust, and accusations. Nevertheless, in July 2012, after months of recrimination, both Pakistan and the United States realised that it would be beneficial for them to work together to bring their bilateral relationship back on track to pursue their common interests counter-terrorism, peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan, and cooperation in ensuring regional peace. This paper analyses the two countries’ initiatives to restore normalcy in their relations since 2011 and reset them to make them mutually productive and beneficial.

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