The Anatomy of the Modi Phenomenon – How Should Pakistan Deal With It?



The 16th Lok Sabha elections in India resulted in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Narendra Modi, forming a strong Union government, thereby putting an end to three decades of coalition governments. This development resulted in enhanced interest around the world in Modi’s personality. A massive publicity blitz portraying him as an iron man, who had risen from a humble background, and a hope for the future of India helped Modi win the confidence of Indian masses to the extent of even forgetting his role in Gujarat pogrom where thousands of Muslims lost their lives under his watch. For others, his rise to power would mean rise of religious extremism. Pakistan for its part has its own concerns. Modi’s repeated pronouncements during the election campaign that India would adopt a muscular policy towards Pakistan if he was elected to power did not present a rosy picture. It is, however, hoped that the realisation that dialogue is the only way forward would make Modi’s India move in the right direction vis-à-vis its relations with Pakistan.

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