Islamabad Paper on The Big Idea: Next Generation of Leadership in Pakistan Needs a ‘New-Think’


In memory of the fallen of December 16, 2014. This paper is dedicated to the Future Generations of Pakistan.


The worldview of Pakistan over the last decade has become deeply skewed and myopic. Historically the country has been printing problems, appearing to have knee-jerk reactions or temporary solutions while approaching a challenge. One can see the serious lack of imagination in strategic foresight narratives on matters related to a wide range of policy spectrums. For instance, the country has yet to identify jobs of the future in times when the prices of housing and food products remain relatively high, and intelligence in terms of enlightenment does not seem to be on the national horizon.

The advancements of emerging technologies and adoption rates have been exponential over the years. By 2020 approximately six billion people would have access to the internet with almost 100 billion connected devices in the Internet of Things enforcing radical hyper-connectivity. 3D/4D printing will reduce manufacturing and transportation costs, and a lot of industries in the near future will become irrelevant. According to the State of the Future 2015 – 16  annual futures findings by the Millennium-Project, the world will not need 70% of the labour force by 2050; and conscious-technology will be superseding human brain around the same decade.

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