The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Regional Cooperation and Socio-Economic Development



The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Project is going to be a positive turn-around both for Pakistan and the western region of China. It represents two major trends in China-Pakistan relations: A long experience of sustained cooperation in the economic domain over the last six decades has given sufficient confidence to the two countries to undertake such a major project; and the shared aspirations for a prosperous and stable future for the people of both countries. 

The paper examines the backdrop of the CPEC and what it includes in terms of roads, infra-structure improvement and various projects in industrial, technical and energy domains for socio-economic development of Pakistan. What are its benefits for both countries? The paper also examines the challenges to this project and how China and Pakistan can cope with these challenges so as to fully realise the major objectives of this project which is integral to the bigger plan for reviving the traditional Silk Road and establishing the new Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road for regional and global economic and trade connectivity by creating modern highways, sea and air routes and energy pipelines.

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