The US Pivot to Asia: Recalibrating Pakistan’s Vision East Asia



The United States would concentrate on its Asia Pivot in the years ahead. It would focus on traditional allies such as Japan, South Korea, and ASEAN partners. By and large, the United States has a comfortable relationship with Oceanic nations. Under US Asia Pivot, the US relations with China have been characterised by cooperation, competition and confrontation. Pakistan has good understanding of the whole region since the time of the Cold War. This, however, does not mean that Pakistan fits into the US Asia Pivot policy. There are constraints. Pakistan has been the cornerstone of China’s policy in South Asia. Although Pakistan greatly appreciates Japan’s economic support to Pakistan, it is wary of Pakistan’s decisive tilt towards China. To recalibrate Pakistan’s Vision East Asia, Pakistan needs to strengthen its trade and investment relations with Japan, South Korea and ASEAN. Pakistan’s policy is not meant to counter-balance India’s Act East policy, but to focus on its bilateral and multilateral relations in the region.

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