1. Pakistan Claim Afghans Involved in Terrorist Incidents
2. Afghan central bank lacks independence from Taliban: US watchdog
3. Taliban bans girl students from attending school beyond third class: Report
4. US Afghanistan sanctions developments
5. Iranian delegation visits Afghanistan to discuss water rights issue
6. Afghanistan’s female judges haunted by Taliban threats
7. Afghan Taliban Chief Deems Cross-Border Attacks on Pakistan Forbidden
8. Biden administration has given $2.35 BILLION to the Taliban since the withdrawal
9. England slams NATO for Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis
10. IRC: Almost 30 Million People Remain in Dire Need of Assistance

Middle East

11. Saudi Arabia in pact with Turkey’s Baykar Tech to localise drone manufacturing
12. Turkey to engage Pakistan over officially joining Kaan project
13. Qatar reports $10.4 billion contract awards amid massive gas expansion
14. US, Iraq Talking Long-Term Defense Cooperation
15. ​Saudi Arabia Mulls Pakistan Mega Copper Mine Investment
16. Pakistan seeks Saudi investments in mining and oil refining to strengthen ties
17. Israeli minister in fresh threat to ‘return Lebanon to Stone Age’
18. Australia to officially resume use of term ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’, reversing Coalition stance


19. ​Five killed in South Africa’s Cape Town amid taxi strike’s-Cape-Town-amid-taxi-strike
20. US diplomat visits Niger to meet coup leaders, push for Bazoum’s release
21. Overseas Aid and Development Commission supports Haiti and Somalia
22. Djibouti launches crackdown on migrants–crackdown-on-migrants