The Making of Pakistani Human Bombs. Khuram Iqbal. London: Lexington Books, 2016, 212.


The book, The Making of Pakistani Bombs, written by Khurram Iqbal, offers a multi-level analysis of the factors influencing suicide terrorism in Pakistan. The book is divided into seven parts. The first part traces the history of suicide terrorism in Pakistan, followed by an introduction to research problems and methodology adopted by the author. The book further goes into an in-depth analysis of the factors influencing formation of human bombs taking into account three levels of study: environmental, organisational level and individual. The author has incorporated personal, demographic, economic and marital characteristics of the Pakistani human bombs. As the discussion unfolds, the author wraps up in the conclusion that Pakistan, like many other theatres, is another classic example endorsing multi-causal approaches.

Owing to different accounts, where suicide bombing took roots, the author has specified a single definition of suicide terrorism: “Suicide terrorism is a premeditated act of ideologically or religiously motivated violence, in which the success of the operation is contingent on self-inflicted death by the perpetrator(s) during the attack.”

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